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In talks with Mediofacio Clinic Physicians: Dr Tharsini and treatment consultant Penny Mcque

13 November 2012 10:26| michaeljohn

Another new feature to our ever growing comprehensive luxury beauty service, here at Michaeljohn, is the Medifacio concept clinic.

The innovative idea is the brainchild of a beauty duo with a twist; a medically qualified physician - Dr Tharshini - and Penny Mcque, a qualified, highly experienced skincare specialist. Dr Tharshini, having trained extensively across general surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and emergency medicine, started to develop an ever stronger passion for aesthetic medicine and cosmetic developments, whilst through mutual clients met the informed and dynamic skincare fanatic, Mcque. Together, they have formed a unique package where medical aesthetics can come together, delivering discrete yet groundbreaking results across Botulinum toxin (botox), dermal fillers for lip, chin, nose and cheek reshaping. And their latest treatment - the liquid facelift - is an individually tailored non-surgical treatment, whereby results are transformative yet, importantly, so refined that passers by walking down the street would never realise! Whilst all treatments are carried out by Dr Tharshini and Penny Mcque acts as the treatment coordinator, which provides the ultimate concierge service from time of inquiry to the completion and follow-up of the treatment, Medifacio has an ethos on medically based, safety proven treatments to naturally enhance facial features. The Medifacio consumer base spans wide and far!


Here Dr Tharshini and Mcque in conversation give us a little more insight into their word of mouth led clinic which discerning women keep coming back to for these discrete, personalised treatments.


Dr Tharshini: Why do you think our work together has been proving so popular?

Penny Mcque: We come as a package – beauty and the doctor side – so we are a trustworthy, authoritative voice in an industry where people have previously been scared of aesthetic intervention.

Dr Tharshini: Wouldn’t you agree the public attitude toBotulinum toxin(Botox) etc has changed significantly over the last few years?

Penny Mcque: Absolutely; largely due to media from reality TV shows, such as TOWIE, which promoted lip fillers and more importantly the print media, which started writing informative features on the subject and numerous high profile TV figures, who led the way in showing the public the positive results which could be achieved from medical based skincare.

Dr Tharshini: In addition, it is always interesting to meet people who frown (excuse the pun) at the concept of facial rejuvenation in the form of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid gel fillers.  Often their experience of these products are the horrors they have seen walking down the street – people only notice the bad results. There will also be 5 or 6 people to every bad result, whom an individual has met, that because the job is so good they look naturally beautiful and the facial rejuvenation isn’t visible!  I have a lot of frowning converts on my patient list!!

Dr Tharshini: How have you built up your loyal clientele that keep coming back to you?

Penny Mcque: Word of mouth – I’ll never forget one of my longest standing clients – we made friends on a holiday abroad years ago because she had skin problems and was so responsive to how natural my Botulinum toxin looked!

Penny Mcque: Yes but our PR mainly comes through the number of people who we treat in the film industry - celebrities, producers, executives – who trust Dr Tharshini’s medical background.

Dr Tharshini: I am able to draw on my medical knowledge of facial anatomy and skin physiology to highlight natural features as I combine science with an eye for beauty and facial symmetry. From my training and background I have a higher level of precision in facial rejuvenation than many.

Dr Tharsini: How do you start the process with a client?

Penny Mcque: I offer a very individual and tailored concierge style consultation service really looking into the clients’ skin problems and what products best can help them and then a tailor made programme of steps, sessions and aftercare. It is very very thorough.

Dr Tharsini: And most importantly, each face is different and provides a fresh, new challenge. At the core of our philosophy is the commitment to the wishes of the client as more and more people move away from the "frozen look" to the more modern methods of giving Botulinum toxinto enhance a face in a more natural, fluid manner. Each client has different needs - whether they are on TV or in politics or whether they simply do not wish their husband/partner/other mums at the school gate to know exactly what has transpired! Hence, we try to accomodate each client as an individual instead of lining people up like a conveyor belt and administering the same treatment for all.

Penny Mcque: Tell me about what is behind the products you are using?

Dr Tharsini: Our products are chosen on proven efficacy and safety profiles whilst ensuring client comfort and satisfaction. Fillers are from the Juvederm range which contains local anaesthetic within the products and our Botulinum toxin is carefully chosen to suit the client’s particular needs - So I use different products to treat excessive underarm sweating to an eyebrow lift. I use a variety of Botulinum toxin products, matching the brand to the desired outcome. Our products are sourced from trade conferences around the world, with an eye on longterm safety data and proven efficacy.

Penny Mcque: What is really in demand at the moment?

Dr Tharsini: We are currently very busy with Botulinum toxin for excessive underarm sweating programme. Clients include City traders, bankers, actors and brides who do not wish to perspire excessively on their wedding day. And I just recently have been asked to try treatments injecting in the back of the head to help those who suffer from migraines, so intensely to the point where it was severely affecting their day to day, life/work routine. The results were astounding.

Penny Mcque: What is your preferred treatment to carry out?

Dr Tharsini: It still remains Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers for lower face restoration

Penny Mcque: Why do you Botulinum toxin has taken off as a luxury beauty service in the way it has?

Dr Tharsini: The medical side of the industry has grown at a phenomenal pace - it is the largest growth industry in the country at the moment and has grown voraciously during the recession. Why?  Simply due to demand.  Facial rejuvenation is quick, easy, can be done safely in your lunchbreak with little or no downtime.  It has become as acceptable as waxing to the modern women and given the longevity of the products, the cost per month also averages to not much more.  The demand for non-surgical treatments is pushing newer, better treatments all the time and I foresee a time when plastic surgeons will no longer be operating on the face for cosmetic reasons.

Dr Tharsini: How do you think Botulinum toxin has changed and developed over the years?

Penny Mcque: I think the instant results it gives has definitely propelled a change in the industry. And shape wise, the face and facial muscles slide down as you get older, fillers in the old days made your face flat whereas now research has seen the products enable pumped up cheeks and a more voluminous look. Whilst Botox can be just as pretentitive in effect as when used for a solution.

Penny Mcque: What do you think is still the biggest myth surrounding it?

Dr Tharsini: That it is not safe; most people dont feel any side effects whatsoever; It is licensed for use in children as young as 2 years onwards, has over 30 years of clinical data to document it’s safety and is used in over 5 million procedures annually worldwide.

For more information call Michaeljohn salon, W1 where the Medifacio duo will be in situ every Wednesday and for the month of October, they are offering an exclusive £50 off a client’s first treatment.


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