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Bespoke Facial at michaeljohn


Facials have advanced at light speed during the last five years and the very latest bespoke facials at michaeljohn epitomise the height of new luxury: combining traditional techniques such as lymphatic drainage and facial massage with advanced technology. Many women are sceptical of facials, seeing them as a non-essential part of their beauty routine. But at michaeljohn the bespoke facial really is different and visible results are what you get– as well as deep relaxation.

Enter into one of the salon’s dim, calming, and beautifully scented treatment rooms, and the feeling is somnambulistic – you’d never realise you’re in one of the busiest hair salons in London. The first thing Senior Medical Aesthetic Specialist Hayley Carr does – who herself has the most gorgeous glowing skin – is to analyse the skin under a special bright lamp. Each consultation is tailored to the particular client; which is one of the great strengths of this particular treatment. “I start off by looking under the lamp, it lifts everything out so I can see a little better into the skin,” she explains, “then I do a client consultation and make sure the client’s not contra indicated. I then go on to prescribing what I feel is best for that person’s skin.” For anyone with anti ageing concerns, she will prescribe a Clear Lift laser, which is a collagen stimulating treatment. Completely painless – it feels like warm water being dripped gently onto the skin – the beam of the laser works through to the dermal layer, stimulating collagen and elastin fibres and proteins and working to tighten and lift the skin. “It helps break down pigmentation and eradicate fine lines and deep lines as well,” says Hayley. There is none of the discomfort you usually associate with lasers and also none of the downtime.

The next stage in this restful odyssey of treatments is a Hydra Facial. The sensation is a bit like microdermabrasion with a cold liquid gel that moves over the contours of the face. However it is completely unrelated to microdermabrasion. “It’s a deep cleansing system that lifts everything out of the pores but at the same time infuses hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the skin. Its like a 2 in 1 you get all the dirt out and then you’ve got the infusion as well.” The feeling is one of cool refreshment as the suction tube glides over the face.

Hayley will then use a new instrument called a Dermaplaner to remove dead skin from the surface of the face. It looks something like a scalpel, a rather formidable sharp blade. But the client barely feels anything apart from being barely cognisant of a soft scratching on various areas of the face. The overall sensation is still one of deep relaxation.

The final stage of the treatment is light therapy. For the last 12-18 months it’s been all the rage in London and michaeljohn have state of the art technology. What feels like a large mask or box is placed over the face and head suddenly the client feels a very intense red light that seems to penetrate closed eyes and saturate the eyeballs. It soon subsides and the client is left with a very pleasant sensation of being bathed in warm sunlight. ‘Light therapy is for calming down inflammation and the redness in the skin,” she tells me. “It pushes products deeper into the skin and stimulates your collagen so you get that nice tight plump firmness. It speeds up blood circulation so you get a nice glow afterwards too.” As well as being good for the skin, this is extremely good at combatting SAD and the winter blues according to Hayley. It’s a blissful calming way to end the treatment.

The crucial moment in this facial is seeing the skin afterwards. All women who experience this facial will see a vast improvement: from grey, drab and rather sallow to dewy, fresh and plump in less than 2 hours. It’s unusual to observe such a dramatic turnaround in your skin’s health and the effects are lasting – a proper enduring transformation. This is a facial that even sceptics can believe in.

Available at our Mayfair & Belgravia Medispas.


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